Los Nuevos Fotógrafos & Photo Festivals in Spain



The New Photographers:

Deeply honored to have been asked to be a part of the history of Teruel. The local newspaper of Teruel, Diario de Teruel and Curator & Art Critic Ernesto Utrillas Valero have selected 23 photographers in Arágon for the 29th visual chronicle of the history of Teruel called: ¨The New Photographers.¨ Diego Hernández Estopiñán and I are featured among those selected esteemed photographers.

There is a continued enthusiasm for photography in Spain, especially in Arágon, with the young International photo festival, Teruel Punto Photo, the photography seminars in Albarracín Seminario de fotografía y periodismo and Certamen internacional de fotografía Villa de Andorra.

Here is a list of the photography festivals in Spain for 2014:

PhotOn Festival, Valencia, 12 May – 27 July

Pa-ta-ta, Granada, 13 – 31 May

PhotoEspanaMadrid, 4 June – 27 July

Teruel Punto Photo, Teruel, 1 August – 31 August

Getxophoto, Getxo, 28 August – 28 September

SCAN Tarragona, Tarragona, 16 October – 21 December

Outono Fotografico, Galicia, 21 October – 21 December

If you have more photography events or festivals to add, please send us a comment.

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